Monday, March 16, 2015

Good progress on Forsaken sequel

Good progress on Forsaken sequel

I've been making good progress on the sequel to Forsaken. Since last fall when I reduced the amount of time I've been riding my bike, I've written about 85,000 words.

I've developed a new set of characters, a new scene and new plot line. The basic plot line is the same, Jarrod McKinley fighting a set of foes who are determined to stop, or control, his effort to make first contact with what he believes are aliens sending messages to Earth.

The new plot lines involve other sets of characters and other scenes that will have a major impact on how Jarrod sees this universe and how he responds to the promises and threats he sees.

As the story reaches a climax, Jarrod must once again defeat a powerful foe. But this time he is not sure that if he defeats this foe, he quest will truly be over. Will he find the answers this new action creates, or will it just pose more questions for him to resolve.

I hope to finish the first draft within the month, by the first of April, 2015.

Rewrite and editing will take some time. Publication date? No time has been set.

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